Thursday, 18 February 2016

We changed our blog drastically

Good day, everybody!
Since we didn't use our blog for decades (at least it feels like that) we decided to "update" it to a new one. When we made this blog we wanted to make something for anime and manga fans; write previews and reviews related to those topics. Now we want to create a blog that informs you about many different topics! As you can see most of them will be about politics and feminism, but of course there will be anime, manga and gaming previews (etc.) as well.

Why the change of mind?

Well that's because we kinda grew out of that phase. Not that we don't love all this stuff anymore. We just realized real life also has many interesting topics to offer. Not only interesting ones, but also very important things we should discuss and think about. With as many people as possible! In a world of cencored media it is important for everybody to create their own opinion. We give information to our fellow readers. That's to our motivation.

In Detail

We wish to create a blog open for discussions for people around the world. Our posts will revolve around different interesting topics related to our society (and sometimes more... unimportant but entertaining stuff). They will always be structured as follows:

  • providing you with information about the specific topic (all information we define our opinion with)
  • our personal opinion
  • links, others articles and sources (we want to provide you with more than just our opinion)
  • topic-related questions to discuss with you, the readers

This blog is not only about our opinion. It is about yours as well! We want to create a blog about discussing, communicating and understanding. Ignorance, intolerance and fear have far too long brought oppression, pain and agony to this world and we need to work together to stop it! The least thing we can do is to provide information and discuss things together. 

We hope you like the idea of this blog and we hope for us to change this world little by little to a better. It would help immensly if you shared this blog with your friends or people you think would like to join in. See ya! 

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