Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bounen No Xamdou

Hello everyone! It took me some time but finally I am back with a blog-post! I just recently saw one of the best Animes I have seen so far and today I just thaught I had to tell you! Bounen No Xamdou has everything you need - but nothing you don't want. It has everythin a good Anime needs - still it's unique and a wonderful watching-experience! Read on to find out why this Anime is so awesome! (No hard Spoiler)

Sentan Island is a small island surrounded by the Yuden Sea. It exists in a state of dreamlike tranquility, cut off from the war between the Northern Government and the Southern Continent Free Zone. Our hero, Akiyuki Takehara, lives on Sentain Island along with his mother Fusa. He is currently separated from his father, the town doctor Ryuzo, but the bond between father and son remains. One day, after taking Ryuzo the lunch that Fusa has made for him as usual, Akiyuki arrives at school, where he is caught up in an explosion along with his friends, Haru and Furuichi. The explosion produces a mysterious light, which enters Akiyuki's arm, causing him excruciating pain. He's given no time to understand it, however, as the white-haired girl who rode on the bus with him guides him to a power unlike anything he's ever known.

[I will say it directly: The intro you can read above is from and you may think this is too less information about the actual plot of the Anime, you're wrong. Because you can't say ANYTHING about this Anime without it being a spoiler-attack. It's hard to even just blog a bit about this Anime and not to Spoiler you... but I loved this Anime so much and I want everyone to make a spoiler-free experience.]

The characters:
Bounen no Xamdou (Or "Xam'd: Lost Memories") caught my heart in the first episode. It had a nice introduction scene and interesting characters which I just loved to watch. Before showing them to you, I'd like to add, that there is no character which I think of "completely evil" or something. Everyone has their own reasons for doing, what they do and you can feel with each of them.

Takehara, Akiyuki (Main)

Nishimura, Haru (Main)

Nakiami (Main)

Benikawa, Ishuu (Side)

Kakisu, Toujirou-chan (Side[MY-MAIN])
(Originally, he is the main character, the whole story revolves around him. I love him. He is the best.)

Aaaaaand much more characters, but you'll get to know everyone yourself. ;)

What I like best about Xamdou is the concrete mixture of action and story. This anime is not all about action and fighting, even though all the fighting scenes there are (and there are quite a lot) are SUPER-AWESEOME. Not only because the fight fits the story so much (what it does) but because it is a complete new and unique way of fighting. It has another background, you go through it with feels and struggle with the characters. Just nice.

Some facts:
  • It has 26 episodes.
  • There has been a manga adaption in 2009.
  • It's from the same artist as Eureka Seven. (Did you notice?)
  • It's from BONES, the same studio that produced animes like Wolfs Rain, Eureka Seven, Darker than Black, Soul Eater and Ouran Highschool Host Club.
  • This anime is awesome.

Now start watching this Anime, youfckingotakus! :D

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  1. I'm already watching it, hihi. I'm excited what will happen next! :)