Saturday, 3 August 2013

Litchi☆Hikari Club

(Warning: contains guro!)

For the sooty industrial town's lads there's only one point of light: the Light Club, a secret brotherhood they've organized in an abandoned factory. They're on the verge of booting up their crowning achievement, a "thinking machine" fueled by lychee fruits. At the same time, the middle schoolers' cooties-fearing solidarity is devolving into a downright National Socialist muck of murderous paranoia, perverse aestheticism, and (not always) suppressed homosexuality.
[source: Vertical]

Litchi Hikari Club is one of the best mangas I've ever read (and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's so obsessed with this story). Every guro and horror manga fan should have heard of Litchi Hikari Club, not because it's popular, but because it's truly a masterpiece! 

Let's take a look inside the manga. As you can see, the artwork is undeniably awesome! All these pretty and young guys (and sometimes even gay *nosebleeds*) and then there's this beautiful girl! Also the locations look perfectly creepy, they drew the best settings for a dark story like this. I praise the art for Litchi (a tall and scary roboter) and the detailled guro stuff. ♥

The story is preeetty good! You're gonna be confused and brain fucked from the beginning till the end BUT it's absolutely worth it. From time to time you'll understand the complicated construct of Litchi Hikari Club (I've read it like... 5 times and would do it again and again). I loved the gay scenes (not that often, but it's good *Q*) but if you're a yaoi hater: don't be angry, I would not consider Litchi Hikari Club as an Shonen Ai, because it is more... secondary! You should read and love it anyways! I also loved the German influences.

I fell for most of the characters, because there are many cuties you simply have to love (I'm sorry but omg you'll understand by reading it!). They are twisted, perverted and rebellious. But they are pretty different. First you tend to think they think the same, just differently. But after getting what's going on you can tell apart pretty easy. 

Well, just as said: from the beginning till the end there's a LOT OF guro stuff! Like disembowel a woman, because she's grown up and letting girls starve in a cage. It's really not guro SHIT, it's guro art! It is a part of the story and makes it even better. Also it gets very emotional at the end (it made me aggressive sometimes -.-) even sad! 

You should read this awesome manga (I hope there'll be a real anime too! >w<). 


  1. Hey!
    I'm really interested in this manga, but I have a really weird question about it:
    I read in this review that there is a lot of guro, is this only on people?
    Or do they hurt animals too? Because I don't mind people being hurt or killed in fiction, but I can't stand animal abuse and anything related to that....
    I know this is a bit of a weird question but I just wanna know before I buy this book.

    1. Don't worry, I can't stand violence against animals either. :) I don't remember to have seen such things in this manga. It's really awesome!