Thursday, 1 August 2013

Life Is Money

One billion, and death ...? To get a surgical bed for his sister, Meguru has chosen to participate in an underground community. Between illegal gambling and games, he will participate in a nightmare.

[source: GanGan Online]

Life Is Money is one of the few mangas I enjoyed to death. Every single character seems to represent one mental disorder and one fear everyone seems to have. Unexpectetly it's not about fighting for your dreams, it's more about loosing everything during winning in a fight against yourself.

While I hated the protagonist I loved nearly all of the antagonists (exept this one girl with the pink hair). Everyone is so different from each other. With their own angst, hopes and personalities. You get to know all of them. That's what I really loved. Life Is Money brings you to understand all of their actions and to learn a lot about people like them. I'm still thinking about some characters because their different views of life are stuck in my head. 

Even without those fascinating characters the plot would be unexpected thrilling! I love the idea of getting all kinds of people together in one apartment and let them fight each other without violence, but in a psychological way! Confronting them with their biggest fears - and let them get their mental over. That's how you can win in this "mental prison". 

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