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Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア Akushisu Pawāzu Hetaria?) is a Japanese webcomic, later adapted as a manga and ananime series, by Hidekaz Himaruya (日丸屋秀和 Himaruya Hidekazu?). The series' main presentation is as an often over-the-topallegory of political and historic events as well as more general cultural comparisons. Characters are personifications of countries, regions such as Hong Kong, and micronations such as the Principality of Sealand, with little reference to other national personificationssuch as Uncle Sam or John Bull. Both positive and negative cultural stereotypes form part of each character's personality.

Okay, don't be deterred of this kind of complicated and boring-sounding explanation of what this Anime is about! It's actually the funniest Anime I've ever watched and ever will watch. Read on and I'll give you the reasons to watch this AWESOME series!

[Germany and Prussia with the Berlin-Wall between them. Fanart though.]

To start with this series deals with the world history so you don't only have fun, you can also learn from it (if you want to). You'll get a hint of how the world got what it is now and get insights in the history of countries you've never once thaught about.

That point aside you have MANY different interacting characters (because everyone resembles a land) and each and everyone of them has different interesting, sad, funny or complicated relationship between each other.

To tell you the truth: This Anime is full of randomness and awesomeness at the same time. I really don't know how to explain Hetaias randomness. BUT I CAN TELL YOU, that there is NO person out there in the world which is able to do so. So I thaught of showing you some nice GIFs.

This actually sums up everything:

Italy being silly.

Germany (<3) being angry:

Prussia being (FUCKING) awesome:

England playing with his magic friends no one else can see:

Japan being shy:

America being cocky and playinh the hero:

Germany being sexy and cool:

Belarus being creepy:

Prussia being (FUCKING) awesome:


As you actually can see I'm a fangirl of this Anime. BUT there are also bad things about this Anime: France. I hate him. He's the most hateful character I've ever seen. But thats just my personal opinion!

Another good part about Hetalia is, that every episode is only about 5 minutes long, so you can watch AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE WHENEVER YOU LIKE IT!

BEWARE: Hetalia can also be very emotional! As you may know the world history has many sad parts wich aren't spared here! The saddest thing I've ever seen and thaught about since I know this Anime is the history of Prussia and it's vanishment. To think of Prussia as this (FUCKING AWESOME) character AND THEN thinking about him vanishing, crying, hurting... omg I'm getting emotional again. Q_Q

Ah, okay, I'm better now.

I just REALLY recommend this Anime and hope you guys will overlook this shitty little review of this AWESOME Anime and watch it. You'll get all the jokes here and my whole shitty writing style if you watched this because this series just makes you GO WILD!

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