Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hataraku Maou-Sama!

The Demon Lord and one of his generals, Alciel, escape Ente Isla through a portal to modern Tokyo, Japan after being confronted by the Hero Emilia Justina and her companions. However, due to the lack of magic in the modern contemporary world, both the Demon Lord and Alciel change into forms representing what they would look like if they were human. In order to survive, the Demon Lord takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald while Alciel serves as his houseman. One day, the Demon Lord, who now goes by Sadao Maō, meets a girl who is actually the Hero Emilia, who now goes by Emi Yusa. The story then unfolds and explores the personalities of each of the characters and their moral values. More characters show up from Ente Isla and they too face the new world dilemmas, often comically.

I have to admit it: I totally fell for Satan. This Anime is so amusing that I couldn't stop watching it and pulled an all-nighter.

At first it was a bit difficult for me to adapt to the idea of Satan working my McRonald and getting all wishy washy liking humans and things, but it's just the way the story is told. Slowly you get to like the characters and start to admire Maou - EVEN IF YOU'RE disappointed in him getting a good guy!

McRonald worker vs. Satan (One person though):

So guys don't flutter, there is also fanservice for you! There is this Tsundere-chick. She's clumsy and arrogant but she is the actual "hero" of this story. Really a hero, even she herself calls her like that. She follows Maou-Sama everywhere. The ending is a bit disappointing though. No love story here. [Sorry for the Spoiler].

Also there is this little Co-Worker of Maou, a cute little girl with big boobs [Chiho]. She totally fell in love with him and at the beginning there is much trouble with her hinking that Emi and Maou-Sama were a pair.

Here you have them:

Okay, so here's a small list of the interesting characters:

Maou-Sama! At this moment he saw a sexy picture of his renter (a fat ugly lady who seems to know everything :o).
He saw it, too.

Emilia! She is kinda always like this.

Lucifer! He's a little annoying bastard and bullied by the others, because he deserves it.

Chiho! This cute little girl just happened to see a selfmade bento from Maou-Sama!

Suzuno! She's living next to Maou-Sama, also comes from Ente Ilsa and is in Japan to kill Maou! Here she was told by Emi that she would be in love with Maou!

 So guys, I love Maou-Sama the most!


  1. Seems interesting :D I think I'm gonna watch it!

    1. Awwwww DO IT COME ON DO IT NOW o.e :D