Monday, 22 July 2013

Anime: Karneval Screenshots

Halli Hallo! :)
Because (unfortunately) the first season of Karneval ended I'll upload my favourite screenshots of scenes and characters ;3

I think it's a pity that it's over, but I'm shure there'll be another season! After all it was an open end and the Manga ceeps going on!!

At first a apicture of Yogi!

Yukkin is so wonderful and cute! *__*

Silver Yogi is just as cute as ... the normal Yogi! >w<

The two cutest things of the series together in a picture ♥

A shocked Yogi with a thing on his head :o


I like this sicko vein of Yogi, he's so perfect *-*

... and handsome :D

Poor Yogi :c

Silver!Yogi for the wiiiin!

I also want to be his sister Q_Q SO KAWAII!


So now Jiki! Hee was totally unappealing until he took of his glases and suddenly was the most handsome Megane in the world!

I LOVE his eyes!

[*I'll bring you to sleep before you even close the door]

asdfghjkl ♥

[*I'll take care of this thing.]

Nai and him together are so cute ♥

And Hirato-San *___*

[*Make yourself useful]

[*Then I'll arrange for you to get accepted at a school.]

[*It could be that Nais mere existance makes the unavoidable happen.]


Some random pics :)

Yanari-Chan is so cute Q_Q

Akari Sensei %D

That's it, I hope you liked the Anime as much as I did! ;3
If you haven't watched it you should do it as fast as you can!

I eagerly await the second season! *-*

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